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The Enerpred Company has started the production of new hydraulic stations of the 2NEE16/140-12/0,8- I-200-T2-CM model with working pressure up to 1400 bar.

The new station is equipped with a 200-liter oil tank and two LED four-segment displays to determine the pressure at two stages. Pressure adjustment is carried out by a manual safety valve. The station is designed for use in various industries where high precision and reliability of the hydraulic drive are required.


  • High working pressure
  • A detailed control panel allows you to easily manage the processes of the station
  • Reducing the risk of pressure surges due to the presence of a safety valve
  • Protection against incorrectly connected phases of the supply circuit by means of a phase control relay with a light indication on the control panel
  • Easy to maintain
  • Operating temperature range from - 10 to + 40 oC
  • Electrical control and display for pressure monitoring
  • The design of the station allows you to move it in different spatial positions

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