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The set of equipment for lifting mining shovels

Set of lifting appliances KOP4-100 is designed for lifting mine excavator for routine and emergency repairs on the strip-pit in the extractive industries.

We carry out deliveries to any country in the world

The system is designed to perform the pre-pressure power transformer winding during the repair work. The system complies with the requirements and instructions for repairing transformers.

Hydraulic apparatus for channelless pipe laying

Installing UG600T designed for trenchless laying of pipelines under highways, railway embankments, in urban areas

Hydraulic system for moving heavy equipment on rails

The system for moving heavy equipment on rails is indispensable for moving power transformers in substations, cars, locomotives, as well as construction and lifting equipment, etc., while installing, repairing...

Hydraulic equipment for rescue and recovery operations on rail transport

The set of equipment is designed for rescue and recovery operations, lifting, moving, alignment and installation of the wagons and rolling stock units on rails.

Equipment for drilling rigs Oil and Gas Industry

Today the design office of JSC "Enerpred" fully completed the constructional design equipment work for drilling rigs Oil and Gas Industry

Rescue industry

Hydraulics are indispensable in the aftermath of accidents - man-made or transport, natural disasters, fires and other emergencies.

Energy industry

Enerpred develops and manufactures solutions for efficiently servicing energy facilities and performing production tasks.

Enerpred for the oil and gas industry

Representatives of the leading Russian industry, oil and gas, constitute the lion’s share of the consumer enterprises of Enerpred’s products. The advantages of hydraulic drives allow them to be widely used for maintenance and support of the main processes of oil and gas extraction and processing.

Enerpred for the railway sector

Hydraulics in the maintenance of railway transport is widely used for a number of reasons: it is safe, efficient, compact and mobile.

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